Registration: S-Anon & S-Ateen National Convention 2019

Living the slogans

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the V S-Anon España National Convention. On this site you will find useful information to help you in the registration process. If you have any questions, please contact at

Transtlation in all our meetings would be available.

Registration is individual, although you can make a joint payment for  members of S-Anon and S-Ateen. SA members must register and pay in their own fraternity. Those people who identify themselves as members of both fraternities must register in both, although they can pay  in any of them. Remember to write down the name and surname of the member whose  payment is being made in the section “observations”.

S-Anon pricing:

Precios 2 S-Anon engl

S-Ateen pricing:

Precios 2 S-Ateen engl

Other expenses:

  • Shuttle airport: 40€/one way
  • Payment through Paypal: has an additional cost of € 7 per operation
  • Information about extra days:
    You can book extra days from Wednesday the 9th,  checking during  the afternoon (that is, the first meal would be dinner that day) until Tuesday the 15th,  checking out after breakfast. The lodging  of these days must be full board. Other combinations are not allowed. Each extra day includes  dinner  the day of admission and  breakfast and lunch the next day, except on Tuesday the 15th,  in which  meal will be replaced  by  a picnic bag.
    The prices of these days would be as follows:
    € 80 / day extra in single room.
    € 65 / day extra in double or triple room.

1. Before filling in the application form, the registration payment is needed to be done by bank transfer:

Account name: S-Anon España

Bank account number: ES50 1491 0001 2130 0009 6588


OR You can pay by Paypal, following the link below….


2. Please, send us an e-mail the proof of payment at


3. Once you have paid, please, fill in the registration form by clicking here


Thank you for your registration. ¡We will see you soon!


You can cancel your reservation by giving notice to the organizing committee at
  • If the reservation is cancelled 30 days in advance before the beginning of the event, only the cost of the registration (60€) will be charged and the resulting difference shall be refunded.
  • If the cancellation takes place the last 30 days before the convention, nothing will be reimbursed – except with an official proof of force majeure.
  • Refunds will be made within three months after the end of the convention.